Tuff Slang exemplifies hook driven rock, while walking the line between southern twang with rhythm & soul. The trio is comprised of Chicago based musicians, Aaron Vincel (A Lull), Cody Messick (Dirty Rotten Sunshine) and Justin Frederick (Secret Colours). Forming in 2014, the trio spent the bulk of their time in the confines of Warehaus West (Chicago Electric Piano Company) taking cover from Chicago’s native harsh Winter and developing their sound. Consisting of two core songwriters, Cody and Justin split the task of bringing their process to the drawing board. Weaving between each other’s strengths, It creates a venn diagram-like effect with their lineup, meeting in the middle to create a sound unique to itself. Tuff Slang doesn’t need to sugar coat what they do. It’s infectious rock meant for getting those hips shakin’ and whistling along with.

Tuff Slang can be contacted at TuffSlang@gmail.com